Carnage in the Kitchen – Making Beet Juice at Home

Posted: November 7, 2012 by mobilemotions in Prototyping, Understanding User Needs
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This weekend I created beet juice from scratch. The process was interesting, time consuming, messy and somewhat smelly.


I started by buying beets at Walmart.  This would not be my ideal choice for store, but I was there already and they had them.  They cost $2.00 per bunch and the bunches had either 3 or 4 beets on them (the lack of standardization was odd).  I bought 4 bunches ($8.00 worth for you math buffs).

When I got home I watched a few video online and prepared mentally.  After that preparation the video below starts.



It did not take long to actually make the beet juice, as you saw from bunch to juice was only about 2 minutes.  However when this was multiplied by the 14 beets I bought and cleanup was included the process too about an hour.

The process was pretty messy.  Beets continually secrete a red juice that gets on a lot of things.  I didn’t find that the juice stained anything permanently, but I cleaned it up right away, so if you let it sit there may be staining issues.




We got about 20 ounces of juice out of the 14 beets.  I removed the jello-ie film off the top of the juice and then transferred it into glass containers for storage.  Here is a video of the results:

More videos of the process, for those who like that sort of thing, check out the YouTube playlist:

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